Benefits Kolang Kaling For Pregnant Women

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kolang kaling
Not everyone knows the properties and benefits kolang forth for health, especially for pregnant women. Benefits kolang forth that you must know that to prevent osteoporosis or bone loss. In kolang forth fruit contained 91 milligrams calcium content reaches every 100 grams kolang forth. The content of calcium is able to meet the needs of our bodies when consumed regularly.

Kolang forth itself is a fruit that comes from the tree arena and has a soft texture and translucent color. The fruit is very suitable for you who are a healthy diet because it contains high levels of gelatin kolang forth that serves to accelerate the feeling of satiety, so as to suppress excessive appetite.

In every 100 grams kolang forth contained 0.69 grams of protein content, ash content of 1 gram, 4.0 grams carbohydrates, crude fiber, 0.95 grams, and much more. High in fiber and water, which reached 94% of course very good for keeping our digestive keep it healthy. Kolang forth fruit itself is usually used as a drink compote and candied. Well if you do not know what kolang forth for health benefits, please refer to the following information.

1. Digestion
Kolang forth in fiber and also water that is high enough so it is good to keep the digestive system in our body. Eat regularly can prevent constipation and also a variety of other health problems.

2. The source of good energy
Carbohydrate content in kolang forth very quickly absorbed by our bodies so that we’ll feel full sooner. This fruit is suitable for consumption by people who are on a diet because they contain good carbohydrates.

3. Strengthen bones
If you want to prevent osteoporosis, but do not like the milk then kolang forth the best solution for you. In this fruit contains calcium that is high enough that 91 milligrams every 100 grams kolang forth.

4. Drug arthritis
Kolang forth fruit you can make natural arthritic drug, how pretty kolang forth by eating at least 100 grams each day. To obtain these properties try to consume kolang forth without sugar and dyes.

5. As a food diet
Various contents in the fruit kolang forth highly recommended for consumption by people who are healthy diet. Starting from carbohydrate, fiber, and water. Nah special kolang forth fruit is quite suitable for consumption by people who are dieting, the article kolang forth also contain fiber and gelatin levels that can make you feel full.

6. Sources of vitamin
Proven kolang forth fruit contains many vitamins that are beneficial to our health. Ranging from vitamin A, B, and C. Vitamin A itself can maintain eye health, and vitamin B is very good for the skin and body cells. While vitamin C is able to strengthen our immune system so it is not susceptible to the flu, ulcers, and other diseases related to the immune system.


How to Quickly Eliminate Acne on the Face

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How to Quickly Eliminate Acne on the Face

How to Quickly Eliminate Acne on the Face

How to get rid of acne is one of the most sought-after information on the internet. This is what makes me moved to write this article as one right answer on how to get rid of acne quickly, easily, and naturally.

If during the acne problem is still the biggest problem for beauty you might be time you change the type of treatment that you have been doing. For how to remove acne not only be done with modern methods or drugs – chemical medicines, because the natural ingredients of aloe or aloe vera skin problems classic this one can also be managed effectively. Acne itself is triggered by clogged pores by oil and dirt. Therefore as a precaution you should cleanse your face regularly twice a day. Jerawatanlewat

Acne is a common term for acne vulgaris, which is common in adolescence when hormonal changes occur that produce more oil in the skin layer.
In addition to the hormonal changes, acne is also caused by other factors which we will discuss later on down.

Acne is usually experienced by adolescents, but not a few adults who have problems with acne. Usually environmental factors and poor living habits are often the cause of acne.

The appearance of acne is generally accompanied by some typical symptoms, such as raised red spots stand out and sometimes pus-filled sore on the face, neck, scalp, back, and chest, as well as white or black spots that stand out but not sick.

1. Aloe vera.

Aloe vera is very effective in treating acne, easy way to use aloe vera skin is by applying aloe vera gel contains many pimpled face. required provision of gel on the face is done regularly, suggested nauan done in the morning and afternoon with the goal of acne agent will dry quickly and stripping occurs.

2. The egg white

Already popular belief menjadirahasia egg whites are very many benefits and usefulness for beauty. egg whites are also in the know were able to get rid of acne stubborn. manner as masjer used before bedtime.

Ways of usage. The first step to clean the face, then take the eggs and separate the yolk from the white witchcraft, rubbed on the face evenly. required to wait for 10-to 15 minutes, then when your face with clean water.

3. Garlic

As well as egg white garlic is also very helpful, but usually bigger health utuk used for immunity tubut. in addition to immune function can also be used to get rid of acne, how puree garlic to taste, then stay smeared on the acne, the time required for this is 10 minutes then rinse with clean water.


Best food to cope with Constipation

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Best food to cope with Constipation

Best food to cope with Constipation

No one who likes to suffer from constipation. It feels very much like it to the toilet, but helpless because everything is stuck inside. Your body betray you like. What should you do?
Knowing the cause is part of prevention. After that, you just find out what can help you put an end to the suffering. Sometimes, the simple things in your kitchen can give any help that is needed. For example as below.

1. Grain and wheat
Both are full of fiber, which was a companion of your digestive system. “There are two types of fiber, soluble and insoluble in water. Both could help overcome constipation, “said Nitin Kumar, M.D., a physician in the field of weight management and digestion.
Your body can’t digest fibre insoluble, its function is to maintain the regularity of bowel work. Insoluble fiber is found in whole grains, such as whole wheat.
On the other hand, soluble fiber, turned into gel when in contact with water. Its function is to help soften the dirt, so the more easily expelled.

2. Water
Increase your intake of fiber will not be effective if it is not coupled enough water. Without enough water, your intestines will absorb water from the stool, making it more difficult for you to remove it. The bottom line, dehydration can cause constipation, said Kumar.

3. Green beans
This one has pea fibre insoluble, as distinct from other members of the other nuts.
A lot of beans have both types of fiber and can make the stomach feels bloated, said Kumar. That’s because they contain oligosakarida, a type of sugar that is hard to digest.
“Bacteria in your stomach trying to destroy them, and that’s what makes the stomach producing gases and become bloated,” explained Lauren Harris-Goodwin Pincus, M.S., R.D.N., owner of Nutrition Starring You.
The content of oligosakarida in the green beans a little more than the kind of nuts in the other, so that more can be tolerated by your digestion.

4. Fruits and vegetables fresh or frozen
For fruit and vegetables are not skinned (particularly fruit), and they contain plenty of fiber needed to overcome constipation. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables on a regular basis every day will prevent constipation come attack you.

5. Dried Fruit
Dried fruits contain a lot of sugar or alcohol sorbitol, said Harris-Goodwin Pincus. Although many experts recommend more fresh fruit, because dried fruit contain more sugar (which can make the waist circumference increased) but if it is in a State of constipation, dried fruit can be categorized as a powerful drug. Sorbitol has laxative effect, so can digestives are clogged, said Kumar.


Chest Thumping Causes Heart Disease

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Chest Thumping Causes Heart Disease

Chest Thumping Causes Heart Disease

Both from clinical experience as well as theoretical complaints of heart pounding, let alone only occasionally and briefly, most are normal, or in other words there is no connection with serious heart disease.

If you panic, for example, suddenly running a poisonous snake in front of you, then a heart pounding fast, heart pounding in a State so is usually normal.

The State of stress such as anxiety, fear, exercise, drinking coffee, consuming certain drugs like the asthma drug, flu remedy, body heat, it can also cause heart pounding. manfaat sit up

Although rarely, heart pounding could have also caused other serious circumstances such as anemia, hipertiroid, State hipoglikemi in sufferers of diabetes mellitus, or disorders of the heart. But, looking at the possibility of civil complaints is very small.

Except when in addition to a complaint that pounding followed by complaints or other symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, cold sweat, dizziness, the brothers should immediately direct consultation to doctor.

If you want to further self checked preferably a consultation to doctor the disease in the first. Check up what to do later the doctor who determines in accordance with the clinical state of the brothers.


The psychologist said the question of adolescent Hobby Selfie and Upload the photo in Sosmed

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The psychologist said the question

The psychologist said the question

Photographing yourself or selfie and then uploading them in social media accounts are commonplace done anybody, especially a teenager. In fact, there tends to be a hobby once selfie later upload the photo to your account sosmed.

Child and adolescent psychologist said Sutji Sosrowardojo, there is a literature that shows that there are certain frequencies where if someone did a selfie and post in sosmed over 8 times in one day and in a narrow span of time, it has included a narcissistic.

“Would she too loves her body. In fact it was indeed the person must accept the ketidaksempurnaannya. But if excessive can lead to a narcissistic, “said Sutji found in Media Gathering ‘ Drink Move Be Strong ‘ at The Hermitage, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Saturday (21/6/2016).

In people who are narcissistic, said Sutji means he deeply loved her body and then want others to see how he pulls it yourself. Yet again, with the use of gadgets, that person could further fine-tune the picture again and again, he wanted others to see it.

If the body image like what she have? “Body in negative, but not its image over the positive because he is proud as hell with his body and he wants once others know to question it,” said Sutji.

Especially for teens, Sutji stressed planting positive body image is important. By having a positive body image, children can be comfortable and proud of the imperfections that she had. With a positive body image, is also convinced that there are other things more important than just appearance, such as character and manners.


Menkes Say Indonesia Is Not The Place Of The Endemic Virus Zika

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Menkes Say Indonesia Is Not The Place Of The Endemic Virus Zika

Menkes Say Indonesia Is Not The Place Of The Endemic Virus Zika

Zika virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti mosquito and is thought to be causing fetal microcephaly. The World Health Organization (WHO) considers the Zika virus as an emergency response needs to be globally and serious.

Well, recently the Government of Australia issued a travel warning or travel advisory to its citizens who will be going to Indonesia. Responding to it, Health Minister Farid Moeloek, Indigo, SP. M (K) says Indonesia is not the place of the endemic virus Zika. nurudinsya

“There is now a positive virus Zika said after coming home from Indonesia, but once again Indonesia is not a place for the virus Zika endemic,” said Nila in the opening of the Bazaar Ramadan Dharma Wanita Persatuan Ministry of health in the Ministry of health, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, Jakarta, Monday (21/6/2016).

He added, Zika virus with dengue fever were different. In addition, Indonesia’s dengue fever is considered more severe than Zika virus. “But the virus Zika attack pregnant women and leads to babies born experienced small head or microcephaly and neurological disease guillain barre,” he said.

About the travel advisory, Nila said the Ministry will respond to it in the form of a letter. Aim for mutual reminding and be done diplomatically by the Foreign Ministry.

“I am told that we have to beware of the mosquitos and climate change that is not obvious, because dengue fever could rise again after the arrival of the rain as in these months. Therefore we will give alertness to the community, “the lid.

Despite his warning in Australia did not mention the details of the case which became a reference point, but local media associate these announcements with the report of Indonesia Citizens (WNI) who contracted the virus Zika in Taiwan. A 22-year-old man who worked as servants of the ship (ABK) fish Finder from Blitar, East Java.

Director General of disease control and Prevention, the Ministry of health of INDONESIA, dr HM Subuh, MPPM has previously also been giving a description of cases Zika in Indonesia only positive one, i.e. the patient origin of Jambi. Then, through the laboratory report Eikjman in 2015. While CITIZENS in Taiwan who reported positive, after searching for contact a family and relatives in Blitar all negative Zika.


The new findings behind Amputation Wounds Diabetes

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The new findings behind Amputation Wounds Diabetes

The new findings behind Amputation Wounds Diabetes

In people with diabetes, sores on the feet tend to be difficult to cure and often end up with an amputation. The risk can be reduced by looking at the one factor that is often overlooked.

In order to obtain his doctorate dissertation in the field of Endocrinology, Dr. Em Yunir SpPD, KEMD revealed that the microcirculation system plays a major role in the process of wound healing diabetic foot. His influence reached 30-40 percent.

“So the blood vessels we have 2 kinds, small and large blood vessels. These small blood vessels of the microcirculation system its name, “said Dr. Yunir, found after undergoing trial promotion program in the Faculty of medicine, University of Indonesia (MEDICINE), Friday (17/6/2016).

“This is often not the microcirculation System intended in the diabetic foot wound care,” he continued.

Administering heparin which is anti blood clotting is estimated to be able to resolve the problem on the small blood vessels. However, as presented by Dr. Yunir, further research is still needed to verify it.

Among people with diabetes, including diabetic foot wounds one of the complications that are often found. As many as 15-25 percent of diabetes patients will have problems in the feet with amputation risk 10-15 times more likely than patients without diabetes.


Go To Bed Without Brush Your Teeth, This Risk

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Go To Bed Without Brush Your Teeth, This Risk

Go To Bed Without Brush Your Teeth, This Risk

Because of fatigue, often you never got around to brushing my teeth at night and lying in bed. This is a reasonable case, but should also note the risks.

Keith Arbeitman, DDS of Arbeitman & Shein Dentistry Manhattan explained, possibly the worst that can happen because of this habit is a disorder in the gums.

“Usually the first symptoms appeared was bleeding gums when you rub or do floss,” demolished Arbeitman was quoted as saying of Friday’s men’s Health, (17/6/2016). Cara Mengecilkan Pipi Tembem Dalam 1 Minggu

Especially before bedtime, You got to eat candy or sweet snacks. “It’s like giving gifts on bacteria-bacteria that live in your teeth, and they will eat away at your teeth overnight. That’s how long will trigger the disorder the gums, “he explained.
Nevertheless, Arbeitman guarantee, while you are brushing your teeth at least once a day, the damage to the gum this will not actually happen. Because plaques that cause gum disease typically takes at least 24 hours to experience the buildup.

“At least if you rub the teeth once a day, you will prevent bacteria-bacteria that damage Your gums,” she continued.

But keep in mind that you will also experience bad breath was so bad, even the smell of it gets hard covered candy or mint though.


6 Lessons Learned As you play the game

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Who says playing online games it is useless, a waste of time and money? If Loopers can set the time and not excessive in playing online games, Loopers can actually be a lot of benefits you know. True Loopers, you can learn many things while playing online games while establishing interaction with players from around the world.

By playing the game online, Loopers can learn the following seven things. Try it you see.

clash-of-clans cheat online

Importance of Teamwork

Right man in the right place. Ever heard these slogans? Loopers, in online games you will learn about the importance of teamwork of that meaning, which means “the right person at the right time”. To explore the dungeon or underground caves for example, in a team or a party, of course Loopers should be more selective with whom Loopers will explore such areas. Loopers must be clever in choosing characters that match the Loopers in order to survive in the area. Basically, Loopers here to learn how to team management, control who required characters and their roles when carrying out the mission.

Never give up

Sadarkah Loopers, if playing online games can forge us to be a figure of “tough” and never give up? You probably have to undergo a mission or quest to many times just to get rare items? Upgrade weapons to high level despite repeatedly broke and had to start over? Yes, it can forge Loopers to be a formidable figure is not it? If in the game only Loopers is a figure who never gave up, the time anyway in real life you easily wave the white flag when gebetan snatched by someone else? #eaaa!

Be organized

Loopers Student Council or Student Association? Lots of online game play, especially his play Guild features or organization. Guild arguably “miniature” of the organization Loopers in the real world. No president, no member, sometimes even a “fee” monthly, miss up schedules to play together. In Guild loopers must comply with all rules, or otherwise Loopers (if not the chairman of the Guild) could be excluded. The same as in the real world organization. If there are members of the organization who are not diligent or not follow the rules, then he will be expelled from the organization.

Active English

Your English teacher boring? Read books cepet sleepy? Play clash of clans cheat online games alone, especially playing in international server! Well, there are many players from abroad tuh on international servers. Loopers Loopers can hone English language and use it in conversation while interacting with other players.


Monster who carry special items did not appear too? Loopers certainly had to wait until he appeared and then defeat. Well, if Loopers have learned patience in the game online, it can also be Loopers patient figure also in the real world. Perhaps the patient can wait for feedback from former code again?

Managing time

It also slah one important point. Play the game online means Loopers own investment of time. Especially if Loopers have joined the Guild which has strict rules. Of loopers must allocate a certain time to play so that you will not be excluded from the kick alias Guild. Impact, Loopers can start to set the time between daily activities by setting aside a regular time to play the game every day. But, lest Loopers sacrificing too much time to play, so forget your activities of daily

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Knowing What’s HIV?

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Stop AIDSHIV is actually a virus that slowly strikes the immunity system, that will be our body’s natural protection against infection. They will find it harder to fight off attacks and conditions, if your person becomes contaminated with HIV. The virus kills a type of bright blood-cell named a T-helper cell and makes copies of itself included. T-helper cells can also be referred to as CD4 cells.

There are many various ranges of HIV – someone who is attacked may bring different strains that are distinct in their body. These are grouped with a great deal of teams, into types. The two major types are:

HIV-1: the type located worldwide
HIV-2: this really is found mainly with a few cases in India and Europe, in Western Africa.

Basic facts about HIV

HIV represents human immunodeficiency virus. If left neglected, it can take 10 to 15 years for products to build up, which can be when the defense mechanisms has been significantly broken by HIV around. With analysis and efficient antiretroviral therapy, people who have HIV could reside a standard, healthy life. HIV is found in the next body fluids of an infected person: sperm, blood, anal and vaginal fluids and breast milk. HIV Can’t be carried through saliva, sweat or urine.

Based on UK research, the method for anyone to become infected with HIV is insurance firms anal or natural intercourse with out a condom.2
You can also risk infection by using infected needles, syringes or additional medication-taking equipment (body transmission), or from mommy-to-child during pregnancy, start or breastfeeding.
What is AIDS?

Supports is actually a problem due to the HIV virus.Read our article What are AIDS It’s whenever there is a person’s immunity system also fragile to fight off many infections, and develops once the HIV infection is quite advanced. This is HIV infection’s last stage where the human body cannot protect itself and could build various conditions, infections of course if left untreated.

There is currently no cure for supports or HIV. However, using the correct cure and help, people could live long and healthy lives. To achieve this, it is specially important to take treatment appropriately and handle any sideeffects.

Essential facts about products

AIDS is short for immune deficiency syndrome.
AIDS can be known as sophisticated HIV illness or late stage HIV.
Somebody with supports might develop a wide range of additional health issues including: thrush, pneumonia , fungal attacks, TB and cytomegalovirus. There is also an elevated threat of developing additional lifestyle-limiting problems, including cancer and head illnesses.
Count identifies the number of T-helper cells in a millilitre of blood. They’re thought to have AIDS.5, whenever a person’s CD4 count drops below 200 cells per millilitre of body